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Two New Modes Of Centralizer Application

Oct. 09, 2018

The Casing Centralizer products have evolved from birth to the present, and many of them have undergone many changes. Of course, we have also gained a lot from these changes, which is also an accumulation of experience. However, for the birth rate of the new type of centralizer products, we still have to hurry, because we have to catch up with market demand. However, we don't have to worry too much about this issue, because now Casing Centralizer has applied two new application modes.

The two types of centralizers are thermoset and movable. The movable type is like this: the two parts with the same shape and the convex inner wall are connected together, and we can rely on the locking teeth for fastening. The thermoset type is to inject the centralizer on the sucker rod body. This can reduce the number of times the sucker rod centralizer is broken, and is similar to the tubing fracture or the perforation accident that is usually encountered, and the pump cycle is prolonged. If you use nylon, it may work better.

When we need high demands on its impact resistance and vibration resistance, we can also improve, because the sucker rod centralizer has reserved space for upgrade at the beginning of the design.

We have our own factory, we also have Bow Spring Centralizer, etc. We can provide you with you, you can learn more about the centralizer.

Bow Spring Centralizer

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