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Cement Float Collar Float Shoe

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Casing Cement Float Collar:

The using method is the same as casing float shoes except the lower end is pin Thread. It is connected with casing. High strength concrete for maximum resistance to circulating erosion, as well as bump and back pressures. The usage of casing float collar is to make the casing landing easily by reducing the loading. When landing the casing, make sure to prevent from the drill fluid flow into the casing. After cementing, the float collar can prevent the cement slurry returning to the casing. Internal parts are made of high quality material to achieve high strength and PDC drillable.

Casing Float Shoe:

Casing Float Shoe is made from seamless casing grade steel and the design ensures positive sealing in vertical, horizontal and deviated wells. Casing Float equipment can be supplied in all grades of steel such as K-55, L-80, N-80, C-95, T-95, and P110. Traceability of component material starts from the mill material certificates; all machining of Shoes is processed on CNC machines.Casing Float equipment meet API requirements. Casing Float Shoe is equipped with a plunger valve that is fabricated from high polymer plastic, natural rubber together with a coating of phenolic substance. The valve is encased and held in place by the high-pressure cement mixture.

This product is available in 3 1/2” to 30” sizes and custom sizes can be made on request.

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