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Single Piece Centralizer

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Single Piece Bow Spring centralizer is constructed from one piece ensuring high restoring force, uniform hardness and shock absorption. The advantage of the single piece centralizer is that its smooth corner radius reduces friction ensuring that fluids can flow more easily without obstruction.


• Rating—API Specification 10D Standard
• Design features
1. Smooth bow profile overall
2. Non-welded
3. Made to gauge
4. Integral bow design for increased strength and performance
5. Zero weak points, such as hinges, welds, or mechanical interlocks
6. Flexible to absorb both axial and radial loading
7. Powder coated red finish

•  Performance
1. Zero start and running force with exceptional restoring force
2. Improved flow by area and improved pipe rotation
3. Low torque and low drag units
4. Improved zonal isolation

•  Applications
1. Used in most well applications and geometries for vertical, horizontal extended reach drilling, close tolerance, or underreamed well conditions
2. Specialized in centralization for underreamed sections
3.  Recommended to be run between limit clamps
4.  Sizes available—4-1/2 to 20 in.; custom sizes available

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Single Piece Casing CentralizerSingle Piece Casing Centralizer

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Single Piece Casing Centralizer

Casing Centralizer
Casing Centralizer
Casing Centralizer
Casing Centralizer

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