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Mechanical Stage Cementing Collar

Mechanical Stage Cementing Collar

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Mechanical Stage Cementing Collar

This tool continues to be the subject of research and development to find new materials for faster drillout time, greater PDC bit drill-ability and better metal-tometal sealing.

• Tools can be made from material grades up to 135,000 psi minimum yield, including material suitable for sour gas service.

• All parts are custom fitted and subjected to extensive quality control standards for maximum performance downhole. 

• No welds are used on any portion of the tool. 

• The reduced length of the tool minimizes the effect of bending stresses.

• The pressure-relief design prevents fluid trapping and compression between the opening device and the closing plug during the closing phase of the tool’s operation.

• The closing sleeve is held in the closed position by an internal lock ring. 

• Both the opening and closing sleeves lock against rotation for easy drill-out. 

• A minimum amount of aluminum and rubber are the only materials encountered during drill-out. Plug sets for four different cementing applications are available. 

Mechanical Stage Cementing Collar

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