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Casing Centralizer Installation And Use Precautions

Jan. 09, 2019

There are four aspects to the installation and use of the Casing Centralizer:

1, stroke loss, small principle

According to the combination of the sucker rods, the centralizer minimizes the elongation of the oil rod load. It is recommended to install 4-10 of the product per 1000 meters.

2, according to oil quality

Due to the automatic opening and closing structure of the sliding valve, the centralizer can avoid fouling and waxing on the body, but try to avoid the waxing point when installing this product.

3, according to the curvature of the well

The centralizer should increase the installation density properly in the serious deviation of the oil well, which can play the role of the righting sucker rod.

4, pay attention to this product as far as possible to avoid the tubing coupling.

We also have different types of casing centralizers such as Bow Spring Centralizer, Non Weld Positive Centralizer. If you want to know more information, you can contact us.

Bow Spring Centralizer

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