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What Is The Inspection Process For Our Shipment?

Dec. 29, 2018

We mainly produce casing accessories (cement heads, float hoops, cementing plugs, centralizer stop rings, Casing Centralizer, etc.) and production wellheads and casing heads. Products need to be finalized before they leave the factory. The inspection of the products includes the inspection by the customer. After years of experience, Xiaobian is summarized here as follows:

First of all, the customer checks the product is basically the number of products, whether it is the same amount as the contract, the test is simple but critical, the customer orders are purchased on demand, to ensure the accuracy of the quantity is essential.

Second, check the appearance. Whether the painting is uniform, whether there is any defect caused by bumping, the appearance is the customer's first impression of the product, and the appearance must be clean and beautiful without defects.

In addition, it is to check the quality of the product. There are many aspects related to the quality of the product, including the basic inner and outer diameter dimensions of the product, the material of the product, the hardness of the steel wall thickness and some mechanical properties. The inspection is during the inspection process. An important part of the relationship.

Finally, it is to inspect the product packaging. Most of our cementing tools are threaded. The thread is relatively fragile. It must be protected, equipped with a thread protection cap, and the products are exported. The road is far away, so it should be waterproof and moisture-proof. In preparation, the material of the box must be in a fumigation-free wooden box.

The above brief points are summarized by the experience of Caing Centralizer Supplier based on years of shipping.

Composite centralizer is used during running and cementing operations to centralizer casing.

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