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What Are The Advantages Of Floating Shoes?

Dec. 04, 2018

Float Shoe or float hoops are sleeved shoes or couplings that produce buoyancy. The booting shoe is used to guide the casing string to extend the wellbore smoothly into the well, prevent the casing foot from being inserted into the rock wall of the well wall, and reduce the downhole resistance.

In addition to the effect of recirculating the shoes, the floating shoes we produced also have the function of preventing the backflow of the cement slurry. At the same time, the rubber plugs collide when cementing, limiting the depth of the artificial bottom and the bottom of the casing string. The height of the cement plug acts to ensure the quality of the seal at the bottom of the oil casing. The float hoop shoes produced by our company have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, strong pressure bearing capacity, good sealing performance and convenient connection, so they can replace shoes, Casing Float Shoe and so on. According to the requirements of API 5CT, the pipe material can meet the steel grade requirements of K55/J55 / L80 / N80 / P110. The cementing operation is convenient, economical and practical, and has high safety performance. Moreover, the internal components of the floating hoop floating shoes are all made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, and on the basis of ensuring reliable performance and strong pressure bearing capacity, the drillability of the floating hoop floating shoes is also ensured.

Non-rot Float Collar Float Shoe

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