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What Are The Characteristics And Uses Of The Cementing Plug?

Feb. 20, 2019

What are the characteristics and uses of the Cementing Plug? Today, Cementing Plug China Manufacturer will tell you what features the Cementing Plug made by Puyang Zhongshi.

1. Use: When cementing, the cement slurry and mud are isolated to prevent the cement slurry from infiltrating the mud and affecting the cementing quality.

2. Structural features: The cementing plug series is divided into ordinary cementing plugs, upper and lower rubber plugs for double rubber plug cementing and upper and lower rubber plugs for double-stage cementing.

(1) Conventional Cementing Plug is suitable for all kinds of float hoops and floating shoes; anti-rotation cement plugs are suitable for anti-transition float hoops and floating shoes.

(2) The top plug and the bottom plug are designed with a double-stage seal and a scraping wing.

(3) Scraper wings for the processing of wear resistant materials.

(4) Anti-rotation rubber plug is designed with anti-rotation mechanism, which can greatly improve the drilling speed.

(5) PDC bit or roller cone bit can be drilled.

Non-Rotating Cementing plugs

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