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What are the characteristics of Slip on Welded Bow Spring Centralizer?

Mar. 01, 2019

Within this type of Centralizers the End Collars do not have any hinges so these Centralizers may be'slip on' into the casing.The powerful and higher excellent MIG welds make them similar to a one piece casing centralizer. These centralizers may be pre-installed on the casing before the running operations at the pipe yard itself.

The Bows of these Slip on Welded Bow Spring Centralizers are heat treated in special furnace which gives it a strange'bow spring' activity. The Heat Treated bows enables these centralizer to supply best centralization as well as help in quicker running of casing. The steel of these bows is a"special" produced by combination or different metals to provide among the finest tensile strength in addition to the"spring back" bow spring action.

Much like the Non Welded Centralizers, the Slip on Centralizers exceed the API 10D Specifications. They also undergo the pre cleaning process which guarantees that the these centralizers can resist high exposure to normal weather conditions with no danger of rusting. The Powder coating at the finished procedure which gives the item a smooth end and insures stocking from the open for quite a while.

Slip on Welded Bow Spring Centralizers

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